Victor C. Yee’s life story

Victor C YeeJust like the life stories of most of the successful persons in the world today, Victor C. Yee has also an inspiring story before achieving the status that he has right now. His life may not be a rags to riches typical kind of story but his road down the success that he has achieved but his story is another face of struggles to success.

He is currently the coordinator of the Leadership and Engagement at the prestigious University of Arizona, specifically in the Eller College of Management. He is the one who facilitates the participation of the management where is working in all the engagement activities that are given by the University of Arizona.

The said activities are very important because it allows all the students to experience and be engaged into the hands-on or experiential learning. Victor C. Yee was also given the task of supervising the student organization that is acknowledged by the Federation of Eller Student Council and is also the passionate director and head of the Eller Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community.

He became the Academic Advisor and passionate servant of the said college in 9 months and dealt with many aspiring business students that need help for the admission for the professional program. Surely, he is a man with many working experiences because he also teach M. Ed program at the same University and is considered as one of the most credible and successful educator. The main reason behind that recognition is that Victor C. Yee has gained many experiences in his entire career that is also very important as an educator.

Victor C Yee

Many educator admire him because he is a very versatile educator. He can effectively teach different subjects such as Math, Economics and History without any difficulty and all his students leave the classroom all satisfied because they absolutely learned many things form him.

He has also a background of coaching in sports like chess and basketball, in fact, he is currently serving the Arizona Chess for Schools as a good independent contractor. One proof that Victor C. Yee is good in that field is that one of his players won the prestigious and coveted state championship that earned him many recognitions as a sought after chess coach in the country.

Before achieving the status that he has right now, he also worked very hard for it. The success that he made was not done in just bone setting. He also experienced failures and challenges that almost made him gave up, but with the great determination in his heart, Victor C. Yee was able to surpass them all.

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