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Ezra would have liked it. Really. Click the picture to see much more.

Okay today is many good newses.

1. My friend Ernie at E-Verse Radio (which really, you should read) has posted and linked to these Lego writers! “Full longe were his legos and ful len”… First I thought, how silly. Then I thought, how timeless. The ancient bards would well have understood our desire to model our heroes into toys; and the Ancient Marinere. The doll is an ancient and atavistic form, as old as civilisation and possibly one of its earliest flowerings. And then I thought: and I bet it woulda kept old Ez busy in St Elizabeths, too. So I hope you like it. Do check it out, it’s a trail of goodness and you’ll love the F Scott Fitzgerald one.

2. My perfume arrived! No, srsly. I discovered last weekend that my perfume, the one I wear, the one that is what I smell like, is DISCONTINUED. And has been for two years, and I somehow managed to get a bottle last year and so didn’t realise it was the LAST ONE and have been deluded all this time. I ran virtually out before Christmas, and have been feeling a bit weird about it, but the stuff is nowhere to be seen – so I finally asked this girl in Superdrug and she told me the news. Can you believe it. It is her perfume too, and she herself has been hunting in every country she ever goes to. Which sounded like a lot more countries than I ever go to. I know many of you won’t get this, but I felt strangely gutted when I came home on Sunday, like how I smell is going to have to be different for the rest of my life, and I’m just not up for any more of that rest-of-your-life, loss, get-with-the-programme shit right now – so I went straight on the internet (“No!” I hear you saying) and couldn’t find any, anywhere. And then in desperation I thought of eBay.

Now, up till Sunday evening you couldn’t have paid me good money to buy someone else’s part-used secondhand scent. But that was before they discontinued D&G Feminine. (I know. I don’t understand it.) So I went and did a search, and found all these bottles, plus things like shower gel and body milk and so on, and one of them was ending that evening, and I bid on it and GOT it. Hurrah! For less than new! It arrived today. Of course I tore into it and immediately sprayed it on me, and instantly felt very happy. Thank you seller! I’m going to stock up. It turns out to be cheaper than buying it in the shop, it smells just as lovely, and I have no idea why I wasn’t doing it this way all along. It is in fact the only way to do things in the Big Society.

I am a little platoon, and I believe in little perfumes.

3. I finished the report! Top secret. And made it into a pdf with DRAFT stamped all over it and sent it to the people who are allowed to read it. And they love it! Hurrah. It is a BUSINESS report. I will have NO trouble staying in work this year. Touch wood.

4. Second proofs of Egg Printing Explained have arrived, even though I only emailed the corrections in last night, and if the poem order looks weird now it’s all my own fault. I should have written better poems. It is a thing of beauty, if slightly less than cogent for a dozen or so pages there..

5. Red cabbage slaw. That has got to be instant vitamin carotene healthiness.

6. I have antibiotic eardrops! This is very good news, as I’ve had an earache for two weeks, and it is seemingly a bit worse than last week. I’m no longer so deaf, though am a little bit, but the aches and throbs, and the double-pitched tinnitus in the night are far from pleasant. And I ran into a colleague in the waiting room, who lives near me, which gave me a chance to talk about the report. (Trust me: 100 people are being made redundant in six weeks. He IS interested in the report.)

7. The high-resolution scan of the egg picture is e’en now winging its way to Salt Publishing (btw: “Salt Publishing is super hot” – Suzanne Moore). I WILL have a book cover!

8. Oh, and because I had to go to the GP, I got back to N16 early – and went to Morrisons to get my prescription, which enabled me to get the stuff for my red cabbage coleslaw. And was still home before 6pm, and now it’s only 8.15 and I’ve already eaten and feel as if it’s 10pm, and may well even manage an early night!

9. My black suede wedge-heel Chelsea boots continue to be a major boon. Now with the D&G it will all be good.

10. Reading Vanity Fair again on the tube. I’ve been rereading it since June, in fits & starts, and it is a good way to read it – maybe more like how it was originally meant to be read. What a boon for the spirit. That and my D&G Feminine. And my book.

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